Hi it’s me! OK, so this is my very first blog ever and I’m scared to death! I’m scared of being criticized by people I don’t even know for my spelling and of course content (ok so I just went to the internet and wrote in critisise and that’s how I now spell….using spell check!). I used to be so smart as a kid. What the heck happened to me? I’m totally computer illiterate (used another spell check – this could take forever) and as you can tell I have run on sentenses (so I left this word as I originally spelled it…but I really do know it is “sentences”). My daughter is taking Spanish and was aghast at the teacher for demanding correct spelling on her Spanish test. “mom, i can’t believe my spanish teacher…the test was so hard, can you belive they even want you to know how to spell the words right?” . Oh dear. I have funny things happen to me all the time so I feel like I should write about them. It’s therapy for me. At least all the people who analyze me say. They say i should write in a book as therapy. Just wait until you hear what i have to say! Well have to go now. I’m at work. I don’t know why this is in all bold print and looking like a run on sentence. Is this supposed to just be my title? HAHAHAHA (once again my 20 year old daughter (who is basically my other mother) taught me to write like that. When I first saw “hahaha” I thought she was nuts). Basically you will hear a lot about her…she is far more mature than i am and i am basically scared of her. XOXOXO. DD

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